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Свободу Андрею Санникову!

Друзья, огромная просьба, перепостить в англоязычных сообществах письмо Ирины Халип, жены белорусского политзаключенного Андрея Санникова, супруге премьер-министра Великобритании Samantha Cameron

Вот это письмо:

To the spouse of the Prime minister

of the United Kingdom

Samantha Cameron

Dear Samantha,

I am writing to you as a wife of Belarusian political prisoner Andrei Sannikov, presidential candidate on elections in year 2010, and as mother of four years old Danila Sannikov. I hope you will understand me as mother and as wife.

My husband was arrested on election day December 19 and sentenced to five years in prison just for taking part in peaceful protest action against falsification of elections. In fact the last dictator of Europe Lukashenka avenges him for being strong opponent who wanted to lead Belarus of crisis and renew good relations with the West and with Russia.

Today the situation is critical. Belarusian special serviced are doing everything to make me widow and my son an orphan. Unfortunately our son already has experience of orphancy. On December 19 I was arrested together with my husband. Our son stayed with loving grandparents, but the authorities tried to take him to orphanage. I don’t want that my son to become an orphan.

You are wife and mother as well. And I am asking you to persuade your husband to take all possible measures and use all instruments to prevent physical elimination of my husband Andrei Sannikov and demand that dictator Lukashenka to release him and other political prisoners out of prisons. This is what European Union has been demanding since December 20 but its demands have been limited by resolutions which are not taken into attention by Lukashenka.

I have no doubt that you find right words to persuade your husband to reach release of my husband and all those who got to Belarusian prison only because of their beliefs.

With respect and hope -  Irina Khalip

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